Who we are


TopC3 (Top Contact Center Consulting) is a group of experts delivering a set of professional services for the contact center industry.


Our services

Services provided by TopC3 include the following:

- Executive Consulting

- Temporary management

- Executive Search & Coaching

- Merger & Acquisition support 

- Innovation & Digital solutions

Our Expertise

 The founder of TopC3 is Roberto Boggio, a well known leader in this industry, who decided to start a new entrepreneurial activity, after 20 years of General Management in Italian and European Contact Center environments. In his 35 years of managerial career he used to work in highly innovative companies, that he then led to profitable growth, by investing on people, technology and quality.

Our Clients

 Typical Clients of TopC3 are:

- Large global companies sensitive to Customer Experience Management that require a strong and senior expertise

- Leading Consulting firms and Investment Funds, looking for very specialized vertical skills and competencies

- Entities willing to improve the relationship with their citizens or users

- IT providers delivering solutions for the contact center Industry

- Any company willing to operate in the contact center environment, maximixing benefits and optimizing costs

Professional services to improve Customer Experience

 TopC3 is a firm that provides no "Calling Service" (i.e. no inbound/no outbound calls), but instead provides effective support with the required know-how, skills, competencies and experiences in order to be more succesful in this evolving market.

TopC3 is an initiative by Parini Investimenti (www.parini-invest.com)